Coming Soon…

Christmas! Only 7 weeks away! That is if the world doesn’t end before then…or if finals don’t kill me first. Hopefully neither will happen because I got something to look forward too! A Must See I found out today that Jurassic Park will be re-released for 3-d April 05, 2013!  The movie terrified me as a young… Continue reading Coming Soon…


Goodbye Obnoxious Political Ads

Despite who won, I think we can all agree that we are glad that we don’t have to see  annoying political ads for another 3 or 4 years. Enjoy the peace people because in 2016 we will have both Dem and Rep primaries. Happy thoughts! There was a moment that I thought Obama was going to lose… Continue reading Goodbye Obnoxious Political Ads


Sunday Funday

Well more like Sunday Screw-with-my-emotions-day, but that’s a mouthful. Sunday is my night of TV shows. I watch Downton Abbey (its was the season finale today!) ,  Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead , and occasionally Revenge (What is going on Revenge? You were great last season). Tonight was a very television emotional night, I’m looking… Continue reading Sunday Funday