Goodbye Obnoxious Political Ads

Despite who won, I think we can all agree that we are glad that we don’t have to see  annoying political ads for another 3 or 4 years. Enjoy the peace people because in 2016 we will have both Dem and Rep primaries. Happy thoughts!

There was a moment that I thought Obama was going to lose but he came through like I knew he would. I actually felt bad for Romney. He’s been at this for like 8 years. I just don’t think we really got to know him like Ann and Ryan do.

I’m glad that for this election I was here in California and not Texas. The people of the Lone Star State don’t take kindly to Obama. I remember the day after the election there were a lot of students who were very upset about Obama winning. I knew to keep my mouth shut rather than to say they were being bigots. One girl claimed that people should be required to have a high school diploma to be able to vote.

When the next election comes I will do my part to get the democratic vote out in Texas. It wasn’t close, Romney had 57.3%  (4.5 million) and Obama 41.3% (3.2 million). Yet it’s not impossible to think that Texas can one day be blue.

Congratulations Mr.Obama, now get to work! I would like to have a better workforce to enter to when I graduate.



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