Coming Soon…

Christmas! Only 7 weeks away!

That is if the world doesn’t end before then…or if finals don’t kill me first.

Hopefully neither will happen because I got something to look forward too!

A Must See

I found out today that Jurassic Park will be re-released for 3-d April 05, 2013!  The movie terrified me as a young kid, but I found a new love for it when I read the book millions times better than the movie. Some may say its not worth paying to see a movie in 3-d. I love Beauty and the Beast and it was great to see it on the big screen. However I don’t the 3-d did anything. It still looked 2-d. Its all another scheme to make money off a really good movie. Unlike Beauty and the Beast, I think Jurassic Park is good choice to show in 3-d. Just imagine how the dinosaurs are going to look! Those velociraptors are going to look killer! Even though I’ve seen the movie countless of times I still get jumpy when they come on the screen. Even my mom is scared she refuses to watch it with me. I’m alone in my fangirling over the movie. There is an active fandom for Jurassic Park over on its IMDb page which I check once in awhile. Its the book that I really love. The book has a more eerie tone than the movie does on the fate of the characters and the suspense builds with every chapter. I read the book in high school and knew the movie pretty well by then. I knew what the differences were between the book and the movie thanks to Wikipedia. I didn’t think the book would pull me in like it did. Michael Crichton’s depiction of Dr.Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) and Malcolm’s prediction of the park failing due to chaos theory were what made the book more interesting than the movie.

Because of reasons…

Until its re-release I have other movies to watch. I’m very excited to see the following movies :

Anna Karenina (11/16) –  From the poster and trailers the movie looked pretty and that’s what got me hooked. Later I found out that  Dario Marianelli was the composer and Joe Wright is the director. Both worked on Pride and Prejudice 2005 and I love that movie. Marianelli’s score for the movie is beautiful. He also did film score for Jane Eyre 2011, another great film score.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 (11/16) – Let he who is free without sin cast the first stone. Don’t judge. The Twilight saga isn’t too bad. If the other characters other than Bella were given more screen time then the movies would be much more better. Honestly, I’m too far gone to get out. I have to see it through and finish what I started.

 The Hobbit (12/14) – Richard Armitage. Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin Freeman. Also the story is interesting…

Les Miserables (12/25) – Hugh Jackman. Anne Hathaway. Musical.

This is only my fall/winter watch list. Hopefully I’ll have time money to see them all.

But really…

The movie I’m most excited to see is The Little Mermaid in 3-d! This movie was my childhood. I was obsessed with this movie that I got into a fight with my friend over who got to sing Ariel’s part. I preserved my Little Mermaid stickers, grew my hair out like Ariel, and the only reason I took baths was to pretend to swim like a mermaid. When we got cable I stayed up to watch the The Little Mermaid series reruns. When the prequel movie came out I bought it. If I had lived in New York I would have seen the musical.

Ariel is my favorite Disney princess. She made me want to have red hair and have a cave full of trinkets and thingambobs. I wanted to have her voice. She’s the reason why I liked singing and pushed myself to join the elementary school choir. Part of Your World is the only song I know all the lyrics to even I sing them out of order.

The movie will be in theaters September 13, 2013. I’ll be back in school by then but I will see it even if I have to go by myself!

~ Maria


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