Sunday Funday

Tonight wasn’t as dramatic like last week but the story telling was superb. There is a lot of character development getting done.

The Walking Dead – Rick has finally lost his mind. For being so cold to his wife, he really cared about her. Rick has gone psycho and a walker killing spree. He finds where Lori gave birth but her body is gone. A walker ate her up and is really bloated. Rick goes all out on the walker. After he’s done he just sits there looking demented. Then he hears an old phone ring. Rick finally speaks in this episode and picks up the phone says “Hello?”  and scene.  Another week of anticipation.

Other stuff happened too. Michonne finally got the dirt on the Governor and discovers his walker daughter Penny. She overhears the Governor, Merle, and Milton talk about the party they are having tonight. Milton wants to postpone because of his “experiment” but the Governor is all party. Michonne also finds a bunch of walkers being kept like pets. She slices them up for fun. Andrea is goo goo eyes for the Governor so she is reluctant to leave Woodbury when Michonne says its time to go. Well, Michonne leaves without her. Andrea gets to stay behind and see some Walker Fight Club! Andrea of course is appalled.

Insert Andre Rant Here. So everyone hates Lori because she slept with Shane and has questionable mothering skills. I thought Lori was a pretty great character and was sad to see her go. Now Andrea. She really is a dumb blonde. She shot Daryl in season 2 when there was no reason for her to shoot. When she was separated from the group, Michonne saved her from death. The only reason Andrea is alive is because of Michonne. When Michonne says it’s time to leave you don’t argue. Usually I don’t like it when any character dies but Andrea is the first. Lets kick her out and bring someone new.

The rest of the group deals with taking care of the baby and cleaning up after the aftermath. There was a cute Daryl scene with the baby which  gives hope to the group.

Where is Carol? Who’s calling? Will Andrea get some sense?

Once Upon A Time – We get more background story on Red/Ruby. Turns out granny was lying and Red’s mom was alive the whole time! While Snow and Red were on the run from the Queen, they split up because its the full moon and Red’s riding hood got a tear. Red freaks because she thinks the hood won’t work anymore. Red runs into another werewolf and reunites with her mom. Red learns to control herself in her wolf form. Then kill her mom to save Snow, her BFF. 

In Storybrooke, David/Prince Charming’s antagonist, King George, makes a reappearance and really sticks it to Charming happy ending. King George knew about Red’s wolf transformation and frames her for Gus/Billy the towing man’s death. Then King George riles up the townspeople to go mobbing with pitchforks and all. His plan is to get the town to turn on David and gain power. Of course David outs the King’s plan to the town and saves the day. But the King isn’t done yet. He burns the hat so David can never get to Snow or Emma. David was so close. They had just found the diamonds that could be turned into fairy dust. David loses it and is about to pull the trigger on the King. King George taunts David that he should have killed him when he had the chance. Now I can’t remember if they already showed us Prince Charming have to decided to kill King George in Fairy-tale land or not. Either way this isn’t the last we shall see of King George.

Now for the cliffhanger! It appears that both Henry and Aurora are having the same dream because they were both under the sleeping spell. Mommy Regina gets Gold to help Henry nightmares. Gold gives Henry a necklace with some magic potion thing to be in control while in the dream. We are left with Henry speaking to Aurora and telling her who he is. Aurora wakes up and tells the others about the little boy.

Looks like there is a way to communicate from another realm. Now we have to wait 2 weeks for  a new episode. Oh joy!

Revenge – To make a long story short Mason should really keep his nose out other people’s business. Also Emily is really bat shit crazy for revenge. 

Mason figures out Emily and Amanda were both in the same institution and figures they are lesbian lovers. He reveals his info to the girls and tries to get one of them to blab. Amanda is ready to spill the beans claiming Emily is obsessed with her, but really plans on killing him. However Emily comes in the nick of time to save him. She tells him the truth but in exchange he has to help Emily with her crazy mom who’s off her meds.

Mason under orders from Emily is suppose to tell Kara about Gordon Murphy aka the white haired man. However Mason goes rogue and spills the beans on the Graysons involvement in David Clark’s  death. The guy just has no shame in getting his book written. Now Kara is off to kill Victoria and Conrad. Emily is off to do damage control. She has Aiden stop Kara and Nolan at Mason’s house planting evidence to frame Mason for Murphy’s death.

Off in Grayson reality…Conrad and Victoria have the Initiative to worry about, facing reporters, not mention Daniel getting Daddy off the board and a  crazy Kara. The Initiative is really cramping their live rich forever after plan and Victoria is not going down without a fight.

Kara lures Victoria and Conrad and is about to pull the trigger when Aiden knocks her out while the Graysons are blindfolded. There seems to be reconciliation on the horizon for them?

After cleaning up house, Emily gets Mason to confess to Murphy’s death by assuring to free him later AND give him the scoop to write the best-selling book he was meant to write. Her story.

Great episode to end for a 2 week hiatus.

What shall I do with with my free time?


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