Sunday Funday

Tonight was a dozy, so much for funday. Due to the 2 week hiatus for Once Upon A Time and Revenge  I only had Walking Dead to watch. I wasn’t feeling tonight’s episode but for sure next week we will see more action.

The Walking Dead – Michonne shows off her badassery with her blade by cutting off the heads of the party the Governor sent after her. Merle is the only one left and encounters Glenn and Maggie who were getting formula. He coerces them into their car and drives back to Woodbury. Meanwhile Michonne stands silently as this all happens. WTF Michonne! Then again after Andrea I wouldn’t be helping every helpless soul I encounter.

Speaking of Andrea, she’s making a home in the Governors bed and the Governor seems keen on her. Merle interrupts their lovemaking and tells the Governor privately what he came back with. The Governor didn’t seem that happy to have found Andrea’s old group.

Back at the prison, Daryl finds Carol! Rick is hallucinating…or so it seems. He carries on full conversations on the phone but nobody but Rick talks with these other people on the phone. At least he gets out of his funk and realizes he still has a son and newborn daughter that need him. He and the remaining group go outside enjoying some rays of sunshine when suddenly, guess who shows up? Michonne! She’s amongst the walkers who are the fence of the prison. She’s covered in walker blood and carrying the baby formula Glenn and Maggie left behind. Rick approaches her with his gun out and scene.

The only exciting thing to happen in this episode is that Michonne is finally with Rick’s group! And  we are getting closer to a Daryl and Merle reunion!

One last thing, Baby Grimes is so cute! I really hope that she doesn’t become walker food for Rick’s sanity. Also seeing a baby get eaten by walkers would be too much, I mean Carl had to shoot his own mother!


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