The Promise of Change

New year, new promises.

Its that time of year again to profess throwing out bad habits and changing one’s life for the better. Out with the old, in the with the new, isn’t that the saying.

Getting rid of the old isn’t as easy as throwing out an old couch. That couch has sentimental value. For the practical person, it wouldn’t be a hard decision at all to discard it and get a new pristine couch. A person who was more attached to the couch’s sentimental value, would spend more time deciding and may just keep the couch. The old ragged couch, has been there since forever, the room wouldn’t be the same without it. Of course, the couch has become lumpy and a bit uncomfortable to sit on. It may have acquired an odor. However it would be easier to keep the old couch than having to get used to a new couch.  A couch that bared no resemblance at all from the old couch. It’s style would contrast with the other furniture.  Finding the groove spot that the old couch had, that the new one doesn’t.

I am guilty of always making new year resolutions that are too high in achieving.I am not the first nor will I be the last to do so. When we make those new years resolutions we are trying to get rid of habits that have been with us for the majority of lives. Then trying to make new habits stick is difficult to keep because they don’t have the familiar feeling of our bad habits. But like the old couch, you have to throw the bad habits out because they aren’t good for you anymore.

Change is hard.

Personally for me, I need to change my lifestyle and it won’t all happen within this year or the next.  I think in ten years I might be the person I aspire to be. I’m just 2o  so of course I’m not done growing. But if I’m to grow up I have to do it right. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean my mistakes and lack of judgement is excusable and won’t have consequences later. I want to have fun and live adventures,but I can’t  be careless.

I will make only one new year’s resolution for this year.

Learn responsibility.



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