Sunday Funday

Well more like Sunday Screw-with-my-emotions-day, but that’s a mouthful. Sunday is my night of TV shows. I watch Downton Abbey (its was the season finale today!) ,  Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead , and occasionally Revenge (What is going on Revenge? You were great last season). Tonight was a very television emotional night, I’m looking… Continue reading Sunday Funday


The Life of A Mocker…

Just came back from a very informative and diverting meeting with my Mock Trial gals! We celebrated by getting the apple cider out , eating baked goods, and sharing our grievances. As a team we have really bonded and have a great dynamic. During our time in Arizona, there was a lot going behind the… Continue reading The Life of A Mocker…


Hello November

Progress First day of November has started off good climate wise. Chilly day with grey skies. As far as my goals are going…they are still there. October was a busy month with midterms and papers. Then add in all the hype of the political elections and the shocking news bomb that Disney bought Lucas and it gets pretty chaotic.… Continue reading Hello November

Lists · Summer List 2012

The End of Summer Break 2012

Done with my first day of my junior year (9/4/12). Mentally exhausted but here’s the conclusion to my summer goals. Can’t wait to get started on my Fall Semester goals! Finishing the List! The last thing to finish on my list was to organize my room. I finally got my bag of goodwill donations out of the house.… Continue reading The End of Summer Break 2012

Lists · Summer List 2012

Disappointment and French Vanilla

License to Kill License to Drive So I wanted to blog today about finally getting my license, but the forces that be have conspired against me. I didn’t pass my driving test because I didn’t make full stops. I beg to differ. But whatever. The test instructor was nice. And my mom said the other… Continue reading Disappointment and French Vanilla